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How to Join the Ski Patrol


The requirements for becoming a candidate fall into two categories, skiing and first aid.


  • Advanced-intermediate technique
  • Participating in the early-season ski screening session
First Aid:
  • Completion of the Outdoor Emergency Care course (about 80 hours)
  • Completion of CPR for the Professional Rescuer (about 12 horus)
The course manual is Outdoor Emergency Care, 3rd Edition.

Order direct from Amazon for $65, Outdoor Emergency Care: 4th Edition, usually ships in 24 hours.


Once training begins, you will undergo weekly training with the Bryce Ski Patrol. This training will last from the first weekend in January until the final test at the end of February.

Your training will cover the following areas:


  • Snowplow, sideslip
  • Safe skiing
  • Toboggan handling (unloaded and loaded)
  • General technique
First Aid:
  • First aid room procedures
  • On-the-hill procedures
  • Special skiing-specific injuries
  • Chair-lift evacuation
Currently, Bryce is not taking on new candidates. Please check back every few months, as this situation may change.

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Bryce Mountain Ski Patrol is a member of the Southern Division of the National Ski Patrol System.

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