Travel Applications

These are the 4 Best Travel Applications to Save Your Vacation

The end of the year did not seem to have arrived, the end of the year was indeed often used to invite children to go on vacation. Once again, vacationing is not a necessity, especially when considering the financial condition is still in a critical condition. However, if you still have an adequate budget to go on vacation, try to reduce expenses as you can best.

The method is not difficult, you can use a variety of best travel applications, which in fact can also help you to get discounts in various destination cities, both in the form of meals, accommodations, and local tourist destinations. Check out the best travel applications that you can use in the following points:

It feels like GoodTravel has often been known as the best travel application

especially when going to book airline tickets. GoodTravel often has various discounts that you can use to get a more economical vacation. Promotions on GoodTravel are often interesting, some types of promotions that appear on GoodTravel often work with credit card merchants who can provide extra deductions when buying tickets.

However, keep in mind that shopping with excessive credit cards can have a negative impact, especially if you have not taken into account the ability to pay. So, it is still calculated well before buying a ticket.

The best travel application that you can use to get discounts

When going on vacation. In this application you can buy vouchers for tourist destinations in the destination city you will be visiting. Not only limited to the Jabodetabek area, E-money can be used in several other major cities, such as Bali, Bandung and Surabaya. In addition, vouchers found in E-money can also be used in other countries such as Singapore and Malaysia.

The final price that you can get at E-money is also quite cheap, you can get a discount of up to 70%, so you can really reduce your vacation expenses and budget. Not limited to hotel vouchers and tourist destinations, you can also get Vouceher for restaurants and hotels where you stay in your vacation destination. With vouchers like this, of course you can save even more easily.

This travel application serves to give you quality rooms at affordable prices

The prices of rooms in GoodRooms tend to be tilted because you will be directly connected to the best budget hotels in Indonesia. Even though it’s a budget hotel, you don’t need to doubt the quality of the room, because it is in accordance with the standards set by GoodRooms. In addition, usually the location of these hotels is also at strategic points that can facilitate you while on vacation.

You can choose rooms with AC or not, plus the same rooms provided in luxury hotels, rooms at GoodRooms are also equipped with TV, toiletries, free drinking water, and of course free WiFi to make it easier for you to find local information area. The locations of GoodRooms are also quite varied and spread in several major cities in Indonesia.