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Online personal credit

There is a certain stigma and a mild fear associated with online personal credit.

But know that online personal loan is an advantageous option and can help a person take better care of finances.

And here we are going to explain to you how this type of credit works and its advantages. Enjoy reading.

Personal credit online

Online personal loan is a form of credit that you can request from wherever you are, even without leaving your home, and you do not have to justify your reason for using it, that is, the money is free for you to use as you wish.

In our fully digital platform, you simulate borrowing from more than 30 partners, compare the options available to your profile and choose the one that is most convenient for your pocket.

And you want to know the best? The more options, the greater your chance of approval!

How Personal Credit Works

By completing the registration on our website, which takes only a few minutes, you will have access to the possible offers for your profile, as well as the details of the amount requested, which will be paid in the selected term, plus interest.

Remembering that personal credit is different from the option of financing or leasing .

When is it worth asking for a personal credit online?

As we said earlier, online personal credit is an option that must be used wisely to always ensure the financial health of the user.

This means that if it is not used uncontrolled, it can be an ally for you to achieve your goals and solve problems or emergencies.

Pay the credit card

Credit card is useful as long as it is used with awareness and control. The ease of shopping with him is very helpful in solving certain problems and buying desired items.

But, it is also the biggest reason for debts for Brazilian families, who without proper financial planning and control often suffer from debt.

According to the CNC, the National Confederation of Goods, Services and Tourism Trade, debt by credit card is the main reason for the debts of more than 76% of Brazilian families.

The combination of the ease of shopping on the card, with the very high interest rate, makes the credit card a less advantageous alternative than a loan .

Interest rates are still very high and are generally the highest in the entire national financial system, with the exception of one that will be discussed later.

The Federal Government has been seeking to reduce the interest rates charged to the banks, and has had positive but modest results, and the interest rates on the card are still very high.

In July 2018, according to Central Bank data, interest rates actually fell from 225% to 218%, which is not a very encouraging change.

This is because in the same period there was a general fall in interest rates, including personal loans. Therefore, the accumulation of debts of the card should be removed immediately.

In that case, personal loans are a great option. Just about any loan has much lower interest amounts than the card.

  • Loan Simulator: Simulate and compare rates

Avoid Overdraft

The Special Check is also among the highest interest rates in the financial market, surpassing 300% per year, according to July 2018 data from the Central Bank. This option should be avoided as much as possible. The overdraft should only be used in emergencies, as absolutely the last resort.

So personal loan is often always the best option because it offers the option of money for a much lower total cost and can be a way to prevent debts such as from the rotary or overdraft, even more.

In both cases, the ideal is to organize finances to escape financial traps.

Other situations to apply for your personal loan

When choosing the personal loan, you do not need to justify its purpose of use, but for you to have an idea of ​​what it can do for you, we cite some examples of using it:

  • pay off debts;
  • buy or renovate the house;
  • buy or revise the car;
  • Invest in education;
  • travel;
  • pay the academy in sight;
  • buy items – ex: electronic appliances and appliances;
  • make parties – eg, wedding, birthday or debutante;
  • among many other reasons you may have to request it.

A great tip, for a lifetime, is to never make the impulse buying decision , for example, inside the store. Whenever you make any purchase more expensive, get all the information, but do not buy immediately.

Look for the discount by paying cash, compare the value of the loan with the loan, if you have advantages to install the purchase, finally evaluate the options to be sure of the most convenient for your pocket and financial limit.

A lot of people dispense personal credit, but by putting it on paper you realize that sometimes it pays off more than other types of credit.

Personal loan can also be a form of investment for certain situations, for example, a course is a way of advancing the career, and the loan can be a way to pay for it in fewer installments, causing the total amount paid to be smaller.

Even if the payment needs to be every month, the loan can cover the amount and guarantee a long-term salary increase.

This applies in a number of situations, such as when to make a retirement, to open a business, or any other. That is one of the advantages of online personal credit. And you know what’s another advantage?

You can do simulations and apply for your loan completely free of charge, with great ease and agility. And we do not request any deposit or payment for you to win your credit!

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