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How to simulate personal loan online?

In times of economic crisis it is very common to know of people who need an “extra money”. Unexpected situations, backlogs and emergency debts can be reasons why citizens are looking for a solution in the short term, with agility and simplicity. In these cases, simulating personal loan online is a good way out and it has helped a lot of people.

So let’s explain how to simulate a personal loan online here. Continue reading.

But after all, what is personal loan?

A personal loan , or personal credit, is when a person needs extra money for any reason:

  • credit card bill too high;
  • accidents and diseases that “run away” from the budget;
  • uncontrolled accounts;
  • among many other reasons.

At that moment, they are looking for one or more banks or financial institutions in order to receive an amount that will be returned in a certain period, plus interest.

It is important to remember that credit or personal loan is not a financing , because it is aimed at a defined objective, for example, to buy a house, a car among others, whereas the personal loan can be used for the most (paying bills, education, etc.).

How to make a personal loan online?

Once you already know what personal loan is and you’ve already decided that you need it, then it’s time to make sure that personal credit is done quickly, easily and most importantly, insurance.

For this, it is important to seek a suitable credit institution, with CNPJ, physical location and all other necessary data.

Another important point is interest. Make a comparison of loan rates between the financial and the banks to know which would be the best partner when it comes to picking up your personal credit, being very careful with the scams that exist in the online loan market.

A good way out is to consult a company that performs this intermediary between you and the financial institution that can offer you personal credit.

What is Good Credit?

We are a fintech from São Paulo that gathers who wants money with who can lend, from the end 2013.

Our 100% digital platform brings together more than 30 partners, has more than 5 million registered users and has already brokered about R $ 300 million of loans.

It is important to note that we are not financial or we make loans, but we are a marketplace, being the first and largest online credit mall in Brazil.

When you register with us you already consult several institutions that can offer the credit you need for that moment, all at once.

The service offered by the company guarantees not only security against fraud and scams, because it works with suitable partners, but saves time and helps and facilitates the life of its clients, providing greater chances of loans, more integration and much more convenience when closing the personal credit agreement with the financial institution or bank.

What are the advantages of Good Credit?

You may wonder why choose Good Credit to close your personal loan online. Simple: We have 10 reasons for you to choose the loan on Good Credit!

We work only with recognized and credible financial institutions such as Portocred, Losango, Simplic, BV among many others, besides being registered and rigorously regularized in accordance with Resolution 3,954 / 11 of the Central Bank.

In addition, the company seeks the best conditions and interest rates of the credit market, with partners’ rates starting at 1.9% per month and the customer is three times more likely to get the loan.

How to simulate a loan with Good Credit?

Now that it is clear what personal credit is, the care the client must take when applying for this credit, and that the best option is to use the largest online credit mall in Brazil , which brings together the main financial institutions in one place, arrived the time to know how to make a mock and ask for a personal loan online with us.

It’s easy, just log on to the site, simulate about how much money you, how much time you want and can afford, fill in your full name, email and submit. From these steps, the website will direct the customer to an online form.

Just fill out this online registration. Remembering that data like CPF are required to do the credit simulation and check your score and credit history.

After that, just wait for the answers from the creditors, compare them according to your profile and finalize everything online or in the store of one of the partners.

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